The Story So Far

1/5/2014 13:44:08


I am not going to bore you with a ton of details with my weight struggle, instead I will run you through it as quickly as possible:
  • Loss of confidence, self-esteem, and feeling 'fat' (such a horrible word) since grade 6.
  • Thinking I was severely overweight as a teenager even though I was an average size.
  • Tearing my ACL and getting misdiagnosed at the same time as going away to university helped with my weight-gain. (Also stopping 10 hours per week of figure-skating)
  • Surgery and rehab.
  • An increase in anxiety and depression.
  • Years later a torn ACL again and currently waiting to see a specialist surgeon.
  • Trying pretty much every SINGLE fad and crash diets resulting in severe yo-yo dieting, the whole time maintaining an extremely low self-image.

So that is the story so far.  As of this moment, I am working out with an amazing personal trainer, G, three times a week.  I am dancing a lot and about to start a second round of cleanse eating (more on that in another post).  Since July, I have lost almost 30 pounds and 15 inches- WOO HOO!  My goal is to lose another 100 for now.  I hope you enjoy following my journey and that it either inspires you, entertains you, or makes you feel like you are not alone.

Tune in tomorrow evening for the start of my new cleanse entry!  I would love to see your questions/thoughts/comments! Post below or follow me on twitter.  My Youtube channel is coming soon.

1/5/2014 16:21:04

Even though we talk so much this blog is giving me much more insight as to how your brain works. I love following this.

1/5/2014 16:41:15

Looking forward to following your journey Jodi. I know you can do it and be an inspiration to others. Always happy to help in any way I can. Go girl go!!

1/5/2014 18:27:06

Way to go Jodi. I have discovered it a lifestyle change where slow and steady gets most rewarding results. Keep it up. You look fabulous, and are inspiring.

1/5/2014 21:33:09

Jodi you have done such an amazing job so far in achieving your goal and I know you will get to the final goal you have set. I am honoured that you would be willing to share everything with your family and friends and I am proud of you and all your achievements and wish you all the best in achieving all the goals you set for yourself in the future. ❤️❤️💜


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